What Is a Song?

Songs are often broken into three parts. The intro, verses, and chorus are the core elements. The bridge and outro add a different element to the core melody. A bridge breaks the song’s pattern by abruptly changing volume, tempo, or instrumentation. A song can also contain a chorus and an instrumental solo. The song’s point of view can also change, either in the first person, second person, or third person.

Lyrics are the words or prose that accompanies a piece of music. Art songs are pre-existing poems set to music. Folk songs, on the other hand, are composed of simple chants with repeated pitches and rising and falling patterns. Popular songs, on the other hand, are composed for professional singers and have wide appeal. While classical music composers may use the term “art song,” it is important to note that popular songs are often created by professional songwriters and composers.

The song’s structure is a critical aspect. Generally, pop songs contain three or two verses. The structure of a song’s various sections is determined by its genre, but there are exceptions. Most well-known songs use some form of song structure. There’s a verse-chorus form, the AABA form, and the refrain form, among others. A song’s structure can influence the message a song aims to convey.