The Eight Types of Love


There are many types of love, but they all have the same basic components. Whether a relationship is romantic, platonic, or indifferent, love is an emotional state that requires commitment and passion. It can be difficult to define, as many aspects of love can be a bit complicated. While there are different stages of love, there are eight basic types. Some relationships may stay in one category for many years, while others may evolve into different ones as time goes by.

For one thing, love is a choice, while others may experience it more impulsively. The term love is often misconstrued as lust. But love is a deep emotional bond and is more than just liking someone. In a new relationship, it is crucial to be realistic, not demanding, and without having unrealistic expectations. It is crucial to remain objective and be open to the feelings of your partner. If you have unrealistic expectations or are too demanding of your partner, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

The first type of love is Eros, which is based on physical attraction, sexual intimacy, and deeper feelings. People who are in love with this style tend to be emotionally distant, play games, and are unlikely to commit to one person. Ultimately, they may lose their current relationship and move on to the next one. Another style of love is Storge. Unlike the Eros style, Storge love is mature, based on trust and selflessness.