How to Make a Movie

In the 1940s, war was on the horizon, tearing families apart as the Axis powers struggled to gain control of the continent. Society and the economy were forced to adapt to these tough times. The movie industry was no different, and themes reflected society and the times. Themes were often emotional and escapist, reflecting the times, but also reflecting the social climate. Themes of a movie were often important to the time period it was made in, and their popularity remained high despite the challenging conditions.

Once you have completed filming, make a rough cut of your movie. Check your shot order. Add or delete shots as you go, and make sure to check your video’s sound and colours before leaving the scene. Make multiple copies, and check the final output before uploading it to online video platforms or streaming services. MP4 is generally the most compatible format. Then, it’s time to edit and add sound effects and music. You’ll need a good editing program, or at least some computer skills.

As the movie’s producer, you can either hire directors and writers to create the story, or you can use a completed script. A script contains the story plus a plot. This combination yields a character and a theme. The theme will be woven throughout the movie. After all, everything else is secondary to this theme. Theme is the key to the movie’s success. When done properly, theme will make the movie memorable.