The Elements of a Movie

A movie (also called film or picture) is a story told through pictures and sound. It is usually a fictional, moving tale that appeals to both the mind and heart. Movies can be funny, scary, romantic, or educational. Some movies are historical and some are action packed. Most have a plot that follows a character or characters through a series of events. The movie usually has a theme or message that the audience can relate to.

What are the main elements of a movie?

The main elements of a movie are plot, character, setting and genre. A movie has many genres, such as science fiction, comedy, and drama. Each of these genres has different elements that make it unique.

Plot: Evaluate the movie’s plot to determine its effectiveness and if it has any holes that need filling in. Also, evaluate the relationship between the plot and the film’s setting. For example, a sci-fi movie could feature a group of scientists working to build space ships in order to escape from a violent world.

Creative elements: Evaluate the creative elements of a movie including costumes, music, lighting and color. Note how these elements contribute to the overall tone of the movie and consider their impact on the audience. For example, a costume can be both revealing and symbolic; a soundtrack can set the mood; lighting can highlight or detract from a scene.

Acting: Pay close attention to the actors and how their performances enhance or detract from the film. Also, evaluate the dialogue and characterization.