What is a Song?

Songs are a special form of music that has a rich and complex history. They are also an amazingly powerful way for people to express themselves, and to evaluate and interpret the world around them. These articles explore various aspects of the song, from the structure and commonalities of popular songs, to their cultural and historical contexts.

A song is a combination of a melody and lyrics. It is protected by copyright because of the fact that both the melody and the words are artistic works in their own right.

The article should be titled using the title of the song, without quotation marks, and the artist’s name. This is to help with the tagging process and to avoid confusion with other articles of the same title.

When tagging a song article, the year of publication or release should be included as part of the title (per WP:CATEGORY). Other characteristics may be added as tags for further differentiation (e.g., producer, composer) if they are considered to be defining of the work.

When writing a song, it is a good idea to get the feedback of others, particularly those with experience in the musical industry and knowledge of popular song styles. This will give you a more objective view of your work and how it will be perceived. Be wary of relying on yes men to critique your work; you want honest opinions, and someone who will tell you when the song is bad as well as when it is good.