The Definition of a Song

A song is a piece of music with lyrics, usually with some kind of melody. It can be sung, played on an instrument or simply heard in an environment where the melody is played or repeated. It can also be part of a play, musical, stage show, opera or film.

Songs have a long and complex literary history, and the definition of a song has varied greatly throughout time and cultures. Rap is certainly a song, but Country songs are not, and neither are East Indian Bhangra songs, and yet they all have a lot in common. The definition of a song also depends on the context in which it is created, experienced and produced, as well as on the technology that creates it, preserves it, distributes it and plays it.

The structure of a song can vary, but there are some standard elements that many artists use. Knowing these song parts can help musicians and songwriters communicate better and write songs that will resonate with listeners.


An effective intro sets the scene for your song by grabbing your listeners’ attention and building excitement. It can include a cool musical hook, a riff or the first line of your chorus.


Each verse of your song typically has a different set of lyrics that build upon the ideas expressed in the previous one. The rhyme scheme in a verse can be AABB, ABCB or any other pattern, and the lyrical lines should move your story forward.