Writing About Love

Love is one of the most enduring themes in literature, movies and songs. It has been a subject of exploration by philosophers and scientists throughout history, and it is a topic that can touch people in many different ways. When writing about love, you may want to explore the way it has been portrayed in art or in your own life and relationships. You might also want to draw inspiration from famous essays that delve into the theme of love.

Psychologists often disagree about what exactly constitutes love. Some think that it isn’t an emotion in the traditional sense of the word, while others argue that it is an essential biological drive like hunger, thirst and sex. Regardless of how you define it, most people agree that love can manifest in a variety of ways. It might be the reason you forgive your partner for being late, dedicate yourself to a creative project or feel devastated when your favorite sports team loses.

In a romantic relationship, some researchers have found that brain scans of people in love show that certain reward centers fire more than in other people. Those who speak of being in “love” often describe feelings of great admiration, attachment and desire to spend time with the person they are in love with. They might even experience physical sensations such as a blush or an increased heart rate. But in the end, what makes a relationship work isn’t just love; it’s also trust, respect, compromise and support.