How to Analyze a Movie

Movie is a piece of art that uses visuals to tell stories. It can make people laugh, cry or even feel afraid. The movie makers work hard to include creative aspects into their movies. They use music, lighting and sets (man-made places in movie studios where the movies are made) to add to the effect. They also try to make the movie more realistic and interesting by using various techniques like camera angles, sound and colors.


Usually, a movie has a plot or a story that revolves around a particular theme. For example, a horror movie is about fear and how people try to overcome it. Romantic comedies are usually stories about 2 people falling in love and doing funny things. Science fiction movies are based on imagination and include machines that can not be built in real life yet. There are also sports movies where athletes try to overcome their challenges.


The acting in a movie is one of the most important parts of the movie and can either lift or destroy it. The acting should be natural and convincing.


The filmmaker is a very important part of the movie and should be included in your analysis. Find out more about him or her by performing a background search on the person who directed the movie. This will reveal the person’s political stance, controversies and his or her past works. It is a good idea to compare his or her previous work with the one you are reviewing in order to analyze the differences.