How to Make a Movie


Movies are divided into different genres based on the themes that they contain. There are comedy movies, dramas, and horror movies. Typically, a comedy movie has a plot based on a funny situation, and a drama movie is about a serious subject. A psychological thriller involves a character who develops a mental disorder or psychosis after experiencing abuse as a child. A classic example is Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, which has a character named Norman Bates suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. He assumes 2 different identities and goes on a killing spree when he falls in love.

Before starting to edit your movie, you should first decide on the type of movie you want to make. If you are planning on making a drama, you can hire drama students to be your actors. If you want a more realistic look, go for actors who have experience acting on stage. Actors who are not used to acting for the camera should tone down their performance for the camera. They should also try to avoid looking directly into the camera. Another important part of making a movie is planning the storyline. Make sure you have a compelling storyline that grabs the audience’s attention from the very start.

A good movie is a great way to make money. A successful movie will make many times more money than a bad one. It will get lots of publicity and will usually have a happy ending, which can lead to sequels.