The Essential Qualities of Love


Love is a powerful force. It can transform our world and promote global well-being. Examples of people who exemplified love include Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Maya Angelou. Their acts of selflessness helped make these individuals the icons they are today. But what are the essential qualities of love?

The essence of love consists of two basic components: arousal and attraction. The former involves extreme emotional experiences. The latter involves strong attachment and friendship. Companionate love is a more stable and supportive relationship that places less emphasis on physical attractiveness. It also has less dependence on others. It is compatible with a variety of different social situations.

In order for love to manifest, it must be rooted in something. The first step is to feel something about the beloved. Once love has developed, it forms the foundation of the lover’s worldview, including the beloved. Love also requires the two people to be committed to one another. And once that bond is formed, the relationship between them becomes stronger.

Love is a choice, but it’s also biological and culturally conditioned. As such, the definition of love is different from person to person, and even from culture to culture. Love may be temporary or permanent. Some people are born with love styles and may be unable to control it.