Definition of the Word Movie


The word movie comes from the words film and motion picture. The word movie is an American slang term meaning a motion picture and is most commonly used by moviegoers and in spoken language. As Hollywood’s influence on international culture has expanded, the word has come to mean a cinema or theater where motion pictures are shown. However, the term has gained wider use among non-native speakers. In the following article, we will define the word movie in its various senses.

The movie’s theme is a difficult one to decide. Robert Towne intended for the setting to be an imaginary state, while Roman Polanski wanted to end the movie in Los Angeles Chinatown. The two filmmakers had similar intentions, but ultimately merged them to create the film we see today. Though Chinatown is a grim place, it is rendered as a dream. The atmosphere is intoxicating, despite being depressing and bleak.

Themes can also be related to the decade in which the movie was made. These themes usually reflect the socioeconomic, political, and cultural atmosphere of the time. Historically, certain themes were more common than others. While the themes of movies have changed with time, the basic ideas of these films have not. For example, a movie with the theme of “Don’t trust anybody” may have been more realistic in its depiction of the world in 1940 than it is today.