Definitions of Love


When people talk about love, they are often thinking of the two aspects of it, physical love and spiritual. Regardless of what these two components are, they are both rooted in the concept of selfless love. Love, after all, is the desire to care for another person and make their life better. The following are some definitions of love. Listed below are some examples. Love is described in many ways. Below is a brief discussion of two of these.

The first type of love, erotic love, is based on physical attraction and intense intimacy. It is also characterized by emotional distance and game-playing. It is rarely committed and the advocates of this type of love are comfortable ending a relationship early. On the other hand, storge love, a more mature type of love, focuses on similar interests and open affection. This type of love is not dependent on physical attractiveness.

Romantic love refers to the feelings felt by two people in a romantic relationship. Platonic love is when two people share feelings of affection for other people without the intention of committing to a relationship. While eros is considered a fancier word, agape is the most common word used to describe romantic love. It is a common mistake to think of love as a physical relationship between two people. Despite this, it can be heartbreakingly sad to know that a relationship is not lasting.