How to Write a Song


A song has two basic parts: lyrics and a tune. It also has contexts, such as the location of the performance, the audience, and the technology used to produce it. Depending on its genre, it may be sung in a classical manner or by a group of singers. In jazz, for instance, the singer may perform with a small jazz band or a big band. However, some songs are more universal than others.

The pre-chorus is often a shortened version of the verse. The purpose of the pre-chorus is to build anticipation for the chorus, which is the main part of the song. The pre-chorus is often shorter than the chorus because it serves the same purpose as the verse: to give the audience a taste of what to expect when they listen to the song. The chorus is the highlight of the song, and is typically the last part of the song.

The chorus and pre-chorus are generally repeated sections of the song’s melody. Lyrics are also important because they provide the framework for the song, and are essential to its meaning. A pre-chorus, meanwhile, may merely introduce a new idea or emotion. But the chorus is a critical part of the song. So, you should write a song with a strong hook. There are three main types of lyric, each with a different meaning.