How to Write a Movie Review



A film is a story that uses pictures, sound and editing to tell the story. It can be a feature film or a short, and it usually lasts over 50 minutes.

Getting started

If you want to make a film, you need a camera, a good lens, film stock and sound equipment. You also need a computer with software that lets you edit footage.

Before you start shooting, decide what type of movie you want to make. It could be a drama, a campaigning video, a documentary or a music video. It’s best to keep the story simple and make it clear to everyone who watches it.

How to write a film review

The key to writing an effective movie review is to take the time to research the movie. This means reading other reviews, and looking into the background of the director and screenwriter.

What are the main themes of the movie?

The Godfather is a great example of a film with universal themes that resonates today. It explores family loyalty, the attraction of power and how a person can warp with it.

Why was this movie made?

Often, movies are created for commercial reasons. However, it is important to remember that they can be made with a much deeper purpose. The filmmakers may have a personal belief or artistic ambition that they want to share.

Themes and context are what will make or break a movie. It is a good idea to include a few details about these in your review.