Writing a Song – Getting Your Hook Right


A song is a piece of music with lyrics that is meant for singing. It can be sung by many different people, or it can be played on instruments.

A song usually has a verse, chorus and bridge. The verse is a chance for the lyricist to tell their story, while the chorus and pre-chorus are opportunities for the singers to show off their performance skills.

The chorus often uses the same lyrics each time, but the pre-chorus is an optional part of the song that can be written in a way that contrasts with the chorus. It’s a great place to experiment with harmonies or use a different chord progression.

Getting Your Hook Right

The hook of your song is the first thing that someone hears and it’s what makes them want to keep listening. It could be something that’s really catchy and gets them dancing, or it could be a thoughtful line that has the power to make them think.

It’s important to write the hook as early on as possible, as it can be the most difficult part of the song to write. Having your hook ready and working can help you get to the next stage faster and be more productive.

Writing a song can take a lot of time and work. It can be a long process that involves a lot of research, planning and recording. Depending on the complexity of your song it could take weeks to put together.