How to Write an Essay About Love

Love is a feeling of affection, caring and self-sacrifice. It can be experienced in a variety of ways, and it is found in every human being on the planet.

Love can be romantic, companionate or familial. It is a complex emotion, but it is important to understand how it comes about and how to deal with it when it arises.

The first thing to know about love is that it can be the most wonderful and the most painful experience you’ll ever have. It can also be the most rewarding and the most empowering, but it can change in ways you never imagined.

Psychologists and biologists aren’t sure exactly what love is, but many think it’s a natural drive like hunger or thirst. Others believe that it’s a social and cultural phenomenon.

Research on love has exploded in the past few decades. It has been shown that there are several different kinds of love: eros, storge and agape.

Eros is the style of love that focuses on physicality and attraction, bringing people closer and creating deeper feelings for each other. It can involve a fast-growing attachment to one person and may end in a breakup easily.

Storge is the type of love that focuses on trust and intimacy, making it a mature form of romantic attachment. It can involve a slow-growing attachment and can also end in a breakup easily.

When writing about love, try to focus on a more realistic, less sappy angle, such as how your love’s habit of always checking Instagram at lunch drives you crazy or how they never call you when they’re going to see someone else. These aspects will give your essay a little more depth and make your love a little more real.