Writing a Movie Review


A movie is a type of visual art that uses images and sound to tell stories or teach people things. Movies can make people laugh, cry or be afraid. Some movies are true stories about real events or people. Others are fiction (made up) stories. Actors (people who act in movies) read scripts that say what they should say and do. Then a cameraman films them saying and doing those things in a studio on a set. Then the movie maker edits all the film together and puts it on reels that can be put into a projector to show to people in a theater.

When writing a movie review, you should evaluate the following elements:

Writing (dialogue and characterization): Does the story and dialogue keep your attention? Does it seem like the characters were well-written?

Cinematography: How did the lighting and colors in the movie make you feel? Did you find the setting realistic or not?

Costumes and props: Did the clothing and other objects in the movie fit the characters and the setting of the movie? Did they add or distract from the film?

Sound and audio: Did the music, dubbing and sound effects enhance or detract from the film? Did the actors’ voices sound natural and clear?

The acting is also important. Did the actors make you believe they were the characters? Did they deliver their lines with believable emotion and strength? You should also think about how the character’s actions and reactions made you feel.