Song Articles


A song is a musically constructed articulation of the human soul’s experience. Songs can be sung by anyone with a voice and can convey emotions, moods, thoughts, ideas and desires to anyone who will listen. A song can also be a conduit between the conscious and subconscious eliciting changes in behavior, new thoughts, feelings, desires and even identity.

A song can be a beautiful and meaningful romantic love song or an elaborate composition with a flowing accompaniment. Art songs have an extensive literary history dating back to the troubadours and bards of medieval Europe but also extend to the lutenists of the Renaissance and later the Elizabethan court composers. Art songs often feature complicated and sophisticated accompaniments that serve to underpin, accentuate, illustrate or provide contrast to the vocal melody of a song.

An outro, sometimes called a coda is the final part of a song that can be as simple as repeating the chorus or as complex as an instrumental break. The outro is usually shorter than the pre-chorus and can help create tension, anticipation or space in a song.

Articles should only be created for songs that merit a separate article because of their significant presence in popular culture (such as a top-ranked chart hit, a prominent album or a recognizable artist). A song should only be categorized by a characteristic if reliable secondary sources commonly and consistently define it as having that characteristic. Stub articles about songs that are not notable should be merged with an existing article about the artist or their album.