Writing a Movie Review

A movie is a video presentation of a story. It used to be that people would go to the movies and watch a newsreel, a short subject and then the feature film (which was usually about an hour long). These days, movies are available on DVD and television.

A story has a plot, characters and a setting. It also has creative elements like sound, lighting and costumes. When writing a review, it is important to consider these elements and how they work with the plot of the movie.

Another thing to consider is the age appropriateness of a movie. Some movies are very scary and may not be suitable for children. Other movies are very funny and are good for everyone. Movies can be categorized as drama, romance, comedy or science fiction. Each genre has its own special way of telling a story.

Movies are edited to give them a certain flow and style. They are also filmed on location or in a studio. The actor’s performance is very important to a movie. When writing a review, it is helpful to think about the actors’ performance and how it affects the overall movie.

A movie’s setting can tell a lot about the movie. It can show us if the movie is taking place in a historical period or in a different time or country. It can also tell us what kind of message the movie is trying to convey. For example, a movie set in the past can show us how people lived during that time or how they fought for their freedom.