How to Write a Song

A song is a combination of music and words. It usually has a melody and lyrics, although some composers have written instrumental pieces that mimic the quality of a singing voice without words. Most songs also have a tempo, rhythm and beat. Some songs have a single chorus, while others have multiple verses and a repeating refrain. In general, a song lasts about three minutes.

The first step in writing a song is finding inspiration. Often this will come from a personal experience, but it could also be influenced by a book, movie, food, place or person. Many accomplished Songwriters will carry a notebook and record ideas whenever they hear or see something that makes them think of a song idea.

Once the initial inspiration is found, the next step is to create a concept for the song. This could be a title or a specific idea for the story you want to tell. Sometimes this will be a broad idea, but other times it will be very detailed, such as the theme of a single verse.

Once you have a concept for the song, it is time to start writing the lyrics and music. You can choose to write the lyrics first or to focus on the music and then add the lyrics. It’s important that the lyrical and musical elements are in harmony and fit together, so you should practice playing sections of your song to find the best flow and feel.