WP:NSONGS – Articles About Songs


A song is a form of musical composition that contains a combination of melody and lyrics. It may also contain harmony and rhythm, and usually has some kind of structure — such as verses, choruses or repeats. Song can be as simple as a single vocal melody, or as complex as a full symphony of instruments and singers. A typical song lasts in the three-minute range, although some can be much shorter or longer. Many songs are accompanied by instrumentation, but some do not have any accompaniment and are performed a cappella.

The lyrics of a song tell a story, often about an event or idea. Some songs have more than one verse, with each advancing the story and conveying different emotions. The chorus is often the most memorable part of a song, and its repetition heightens its impact and reinforces its message. A pre-chorus is sometimes used to build up the chorus’s melody and harmonies, or to introduce a new chord progression or melody.

The article on the musical composition of a song should include all notable aspects of that song’s creation, history and evolution (with citations), including its broader cultural influence and significance. The articles about the various genres of songs should discuss their distinctive features, such as the use of particular instrumentations or recording techniques. Other aspects of the song’s production, such as its notability, verifiability and availability, should also be addressed. Cover versions and renditions that are significant enough to deserve their own articles should be included in the article about the original, provided they meet the notability criteria of WP:NSONGS.