What Makes a Movie Special?


Movie is an interesting form of entertainment which gives the audience a chance to watch the characters and the problems/conflicts they get into. Then they can see how the characters manage to get out of the problem/conflict and achieve their goals. Movies have different elements that make them special and unique, some of which are: acting, directing, cinematography, costuming and editing. Moreover, they can also be classified according to genres, which influence the plot and the theme of the film.

Filmmakers work hard to include creative elements in their movies to enhance the overall experience for viewers. They also add elements such as sound effects, colors, camera movements and angles. Film critics should focus on how these elements work with the film’s plot and story in general.

Spike Lee’s third outing after She’s Gotta Have It and School Daze is a sprawling Brooklyn-set drama that’s both a race-and-class-clash epic and a modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Its use of symbolism, its fusion of genres, and that iconic audition scene all contribute to its iconic status.