What Makes a Movie One of the Best of All Time?


A movie is a digital signal of moving graphics and pictures combined to combine a continuous stream that is used for entertainment, education, or communication. It is also a name for a film that contains footage of a specific subject, such as a drama, documentary, or music video. The term is not to be confused with a video, which describes short clips and files stored on a computer.

A great movie is one that has the ability to hold your attention, engage you with its characters and story, and take you on a journey you will never forget. Its elements, such as acting, cinematography, and score, are memorable and unique, and you will feel a sense of connection to the film. A great movie will inspire you, and it should make you think about the world and its issues in a new way.

Whether it’s an historical or fictional account of the real world, a biopic of a famous personality, or a fantasy adventure, the best movies will tell you something about the human condition. It’s no wonder that so many people love them.

But what makes a movie one of the best of all time? It’s a question that’s impossible to answer, and that’s even more true as the years go by. For decades, the annual Sight and Sound poll has ranked the greatest films of all time, but the list keeps changing, sometimes radically.