What is a Song?


A song is a combination of music and words. Generally speaking, a song has a lyric, and it has a melody, with repetition of verses and choruses. In some cases, it has a chord progression, rhythm or beat. A song may also contain a pre-chorus and/or a bridge. A song usually has a hook–something that stands out and grabs listeners’ attention. This could be a vocal or musical phrase, chord progression, riff, beat, or anything else that sets your song apart.

Songs can be for a single singer (a cappella) or for a vocal group, such as a duo or trio. They can be sung in many styles, from Irish folk songs to African storytelling songs to Christian hymns to Heavy Metal. They can be for a specific occasion, such as a wedding or funeral, or they can be purely for entertainment.

A song is often a reflection of life. Whether it’s the story of a lost love, a political cause or the angst of modern living, a song can bring people together and create an emotional payoff.