What Is Love?


Love is a definite feeling that you can have for someone. It is something you feel when you have faith that the other person wants to be there for you. Love is both exciting and safe. According to rabbi Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler, love is “the act of wanting another to be happy” and “to give without expecting anything in return.” This definition clearly defines what it means for a Christian to love their neighbor.

Love is a complex emotion that differs from person to person. It has a biological and evolutionary basis. For example, humans have a longer childhood period than other species, so they depend on their parents for several years in order to survive and develop their abilities and skills. This makes love particularly important. In fact, the brain regions activated by passionate love are similar to those activated when we use cocaine or other psychoactive substances.

There are three different styles of love. The first one, Eros, is based on physical attraction and intense intimacy, while the other, pragma, is based on a sense of responsibility and selflessness. While the latter is associated with more mature and lasting relationships, erotic love is typically short-lived and is best for relationships between close friends and family members.

In recent years, scientific research on emotions has become more prevalent. Researchers have developed three types of love: passionate, unrequited, and committed. The three styles of love differ in their degrees of commitment and intimacy, and can be difficult to define because of the many different kinds of feelings involved.