What Is a Movie?


In terms of genres, movies fall into three major groups: comedy, drama, and action. Each genre consists of different types of stories, characters, and settings. Comedy, for example, focuses on the characters and situations of an ordinary person. Dramas, on the other hand, tell stories of people and relationships and may have a more serious theme. These movies also typically have a basic plot and a main character.

Independent movies, on the other hand, are usually made by smaller movie groups or companies, with very low budgets. In fact, some of the most successful independent movies have cost less than $60,000 to produce. In addition, these films usually have a niche audience and are not mainstream. For example, The Blair Witch Project cost just $60,000 to make, but has already grossed $200 million through DVD sales and ticket sales.

The word movie is derived from’moving pictures.’ This word is now widely used and is an acceptable slang term for a motion picture. It can also refer to the theater where a motion picture is shown. It is primarily used by moviegoers and is now also used by non-native English speakers.

While movie fans often prefer the term “movie,” others refer to movies as “film.” This term is commonly used outside of the film industry, by academics, and by people in non-English speaking nations.