What is a Song?

A song is a musical piece with a melody and lyrics, and usually some type of rhythm or beat. Most songs are between three and five minutes long and have a clear structure of verses and choruses. Song can be anything from a beautiful ballad by an acclaimed singer to a simple chant in a religious service. It can express love, heartbreak, sadness or joy and it can bring back good or bad memories. For many people there is one song that touches them and they are able to relate to its story.

Songwriters often say that writing a song is a special gift and you either have it or you don’t. While it is true that there are some people who have a natural talent for songwriting, it is also a skill that can be learned and there are even college degrees offered in the subject.

The first step is to decide what the song is about and what message it needs to convey. The songwriter will then begin to write the lyrics. These can be written before or after the music or both at the same time. It is important that the songwriter writes lyrics that can be read easily and understandable. It is not unusual to have several drafts of the lyrics before it is perfected.

Once a song is finished, it should be placed in Category:Songs and possibly in a more specific Category:Artist-name (songs). Articles about individual songs should not be used as the main entry page for an artist, but should be accompanied by a page for their album or other works.