How to Write a Movie Review


When writing a movie review, it’s important to write objectively. Whether you’re analyzing the film’s acting, directing, cinematography or plot, be sure to include specific examples that support your opinion. In doing so, you’ll help keep your article interesting and on topic.


When analyzing a movie’s acting, consider the actors’ ability to convey a character’s emotions and motivations through their body language, facial expressions and voice inflection. Also, pay attention to how the actors work with each other. In some cases, actors may have had to alter their usual performance for a particular film. This is often a sign that the movie was well written and requires more effort than a typical production.


The director’s style and approach to the film’s content can influence its overall form. Evaluate how the filmmaker uses various techniques and camera angles to evoke a certain mood or emotion in his audience. This includes the use of close-ups, wide shots and aerial shots.


Identify the main plot points in a film’s story, as well as how the film develops its characters and setting. You can also analyze the film’s relevance to real-world issues and how it attempts to engage its audience in a deeper dialogue.