Types of Movies


When you think of a movie, you probably have certain ideas in your head. For example, you might think of a romantic comedy. These movies are usually about a couple who fall in love, but also include a lot of funny things. Another type of movie is a comedy-horror movie, which combines horror and comic motifs. This type of movie also often uses black comedy as its main source of humor. Similarly, science-fiction movies involve science and magic. Finally, thrillers deal with mystery and twists.

The production process for a feature film usually takes around three years. The first year is for development and pre-production. The second year is for production. The third year is for post-production and distribution. More complicated productions require more resources and financing. Movies with big budgets are called blockbusters. Special effects also add a lot to the cost of a movie. Some films cost as much as $200 million to make.

Another type of movie is a war movie. The genre encompasses the World War II period. In this genre, the characters are fighting against each other and dealing with the consequences of their actions. A war movie must have daring missions for it to be considered a war movie.