The Two Main Components of Love


While there are many different theories about love, they all seem to point to two main components: activity and concern. Despite being essentially the same, Western authorities often disaggregate love into two different categories: activity and concern. As a result, the conventional view of love in psychology is that love is a combination of both. Here’s how love manifests itself in everyday life. This article will outline the main components of love and discuss the differences between them.

Love is a powerful emotion. It can be the most fulfilling emotion we can have. But, it can also be the worst. Despite the complexities of love, it persists. There are few words that can truly describe it, and it is impossible to define it by a dictionary. Even a dictionary definition of love is too vague to convey the full meaning of this emotion. Even Shakespeare’s famous line about love’s role in the universe doesn’t give it justice.

The Greeks considered Agape love to be the love of gods, because it is unconditional and never goes away, regardless of the action of the lover. It is the kind of love that is present in all things, including the love a parent has for their children. Although it may seem strange to be so passionate, the true meaning of love can be understood by the psychology behind it. If you’re looking for a definition of love, consider these examples: