The Difference Between Love and Hate


The debate between love and hate is endless. While love is an emotion that we choose, some forms of love are more permanent than others. Others are culturally or biologically programmed. Some love is purely uncontrollable, but all are valid for most people. Regardless of the reasons for love, there is always room for a good debate. Read on to discover more about love and hate. Here are some ways to understand why love and hate are so similar and different.

When people fall in love, they naturally feel attracted to each other. They want to hold hands, make out on the couch, and spend their time together. But if you find someone repulsive, you are probably not in love. When you’re in love, things become new, even mundane ones, because you are more interested in spending time with them. In fact, you may feel more secure and warm in your relationship with your new beau than ever before.

Various theories of love have been developed over the centuries. Some theories focus on the social context of love, while others stress the importance of individualized love. While these theories differ in detail, they are generally similar in some aspects. This means that they have in common that they tend to overlap, so categorization is often difficult. There are four major types of theories of love. Each type of theory has its own strengths and weaknesses. When defining love, it is important to understand the various aspects of it, such as how it relates to other kinds of feelings.