How to Structure a Song


A song is an artistic piece of music, usually with words and sung as prose. Typically a bird, whale, insect, or other animal makes a musical sound, and humans find the resulting lyrics to be melodic. In addition to being inexpensive, a song is also a great way to express an emotion. Here are some examples of popular songs and how they are structured. While the pre-chorus and chorus generally use the same lyrics, you can alter the meaning of the second verse to make it more powerful and dramatic than the first.

The structure of a song can also be changed. For example, a traditional song has a 32-bar structure with an ‘A’ section that is eight bars long. But this can change over time, so you may want to try different arrangements for the two sections. The A section should be radically different than the B section, almost the opposite of the first. This gives the writer the opportunity to develop the idea of an overarching idea, which will ultimately drive the song.

Changing the ending of a song is another common mistake. While it’s tempting to go back and change the entire song, it’s better to start by identifying a mood. The mood will help you make decisions and shape the song itself. You’ll be more likely to create an excellent song if you can find the mood that fits the song and its lyrics. The more you know about the structure of a song, the more successful it is likely to be.