How to Make a Song Catchy


Before you even consider writing a song, you need to find out what genre it is. The genre should be relevant to the subject matter of the song. If it is about love, then you should write about your first love or a heartbreaking high school breakup. Remember to have an idea in mind for the theme of the song before you start writing. You may even want to take inspiration from other songs in the same genre and use the content of these songs to write your own.

While there are many different song forms, the most common is the verse-chorus form. It differs from the 32-bar form because the chorus plays a crucial role. Deep Purple, for example, used the verse-chorus form in their song “Smoke on the Water.” The verse-chorus form is also referred to as ABABCB, because it also adds a bridge. The chorus is the most important part of a song.

While the structure of a song is important, there are other factors that make a song catchy. A popular song can be composed of many different parts that can be used to create an engaging song. Repetition and chord progressions are both good ways to keep a song interesting. You should also think about how you can make the song interesting by adding movement and interacting with the band. Performing a solo or singing with a band can help you achieve the goal of making a song catchy.