Choosing a Movie Genre


A movie is a visual art form in which actors, actresses, and writers work with sounds and images to tell a story. A movie can entertain you or teach you something. Most people watch movies to be entertained. A movie can make you laugh, cry, or even feel scared. It is important to choose your movie genre carefully. Here are some common genres:

The plot revolves around the conflict of war and the people involved. Generally, the characters are fighting and losing, but the story will also explore how people cope when they’re at home or away from the location without fighting. The story will leave you thinking about how society can deal with such tragedies. This movie will leave you with a few questions about how we live and why we need to be prepared for the unexpected. And if you have ever felt the same way as the main characters, you will feel that you can relate.

In general, a movie is either a comedy or a drama. A tragedy always has a moral lesson. For example, in a divorce drama, the viewer must decide who is the best caretaker. If a movie is made for children, it is called a family movie, and Disney makes many of these. There are also horror movies, which use fear to arouse audiences. The sets, lighting, and music can all add to the overall feeling of the movie.