How to Identify Songs

A song is a melody intended to be played by the entire human voice, singing or partaking in some sort of performance. This can be done in different and fixed octaves with varying patterns of silence and sound. Most songs today make use of at least four notes which are commonly referred to as keys. Although most of today’s music comes from western and classical music, there have been many kinds of songs that have been around for centuries.


An example of a very old song that was popular during the ancient times is the Chinese song, The Long Night. It can also be dated back to over three thousand years ago. Among other things, it speaks about the dangers that may come upon the person during the night. There are different versions of this Chinese song that were created specifically for different occasions such as celebration such as new year’s and the Chinese New Year.

There are many forms of music that can be used to make a classical music or a children’s musical composition. In the past, the most popular examples of these types of songs would be: Handel’s “Water Music”, Handel’s “elia”, and Bach’s “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”. These examples all share the basic melody which is the exact thing that a children’s musical composition will contain.

On the other hand, traditional folk songs were songs that are associated with the actual culture and time period of the people who used them. The most common type of traditional folk songs is the ballad. Ballads are short stories written about an important event in the lives of the people from a particular nation, time period or culture. An example of a typical ballad might be: Mary Had a Little Lamb, which is about Mary and her relationship with Jesus and the subsequent sealing of her marriage to Joseph.

As well, some songs actually have the words to the main article, but they are sung separately and don’t have the melody. For instance: “What Child is this? Where did she come from?” A good example of a song that has the words to the main article, but also contains a melody, are: American Pie. Of course, a number of other songs also fit this criteria, and this article only lists the most commonly known examples.

Finally, one thing you should know about song lyrics is that the words don’t always need to match the melody. For instance, the words “She put the rose in her sleep” could mean that whatever the melody happens to be, it is not the actual words of the song. To identify songs quickly, and to become more comfortable with the entire concept of songwriting, it’s helpful to start out by listening to lots of different types of music. Listen to plenty of recorded music, both instrumental and vocal, as well as songs that use the various parts of a song (verse, chorus, verse, bridge).