How to Analyze a Movie


A movie can be analyzed in several different ways, depending on the theme of the film and the period in which it was produced. A movie can be nostalgic or escapist, or it can reflect the current social climate. Historically, the theme has played a vital role in determining the success of a film, and the time period and decade it was produced in also influences themes.

In the 1960s, American society was undergoing some major changes, which affected the movie industry. These changes changed the themes and the way people perceived films. For example, people started wanting to see more realistic characters with flaws. This also changed the acting style. Movies became more realistic, with actors portraying characters that were more relatable and human.

Another common genre is the apocalypse. These films usually feature a natural disaster, a rampaging monster, or a nuclear holocaust. These movies are very popular and often have big budgets. They are also often metaphors. In some cases, the apocalypse symbolizes a broken marriage.

While many movies have different purposes, most are intended to entertain or educate audiences. Some films are made purely for entertainment or to make a profit.