How Do You Define Love?

The experience of love is an indescribable feeling of happiness experienced at the mind-body level. In this state, you are unified with the Universe and free from all worries, cares, and pain. If you’ve ever felt this, you will know what it’s like. The question is: how do you define it? Here are a few examples. Let’s start with what love is not. It’s not a feeling.



In a romantic relationship, there are three different types of love: passionate love, infatuation, and storge. Infatuation is a short-lived, superficial love. Passionate love is characterized by intense, sometimes irrational feelings of longing and obsession. In this type of love, the partner needs to maintain constant physical closeness. Compassionate love consists of trust, affection, and commitment. This type of passion is often termed unrequited love.

Psychological disorders are a common result of unrequited love. People who are not committed are likely to engage in erotic love. The goal of erotic love is to sex and play games. These advocates will never commit, and they feel comfortable ending relationships. But there is also another type of love, called storge, which is considered more mature. In this type of love, there is more emphasis on similar interests and open affection. Those in this type of love are more trusting and don’t depend on others.

In the realm of erotic love, the focus is on the physical attraction and engaging in sex. There is a great deal of emotional distance and game-playing, and those who practice this style are unlikely to commit. As a result, these lovers often feel comfortable ending relationships and are not likely to feel the need to have children. Alternatively, storge love is more sophisticated and is generally based on shared interests and open affection. In either case, you may feel love but it is a fleeting emotion, which is not worth the time and energy.

The term “love” is a general concept that has many different definitions. For example, erotic love is a type of romantic relationship in which you focus on physical attraction and sex. In addition, erotic love is not a commitment; it is often a game, and the two parties do not want to commit. If you think of someone who you like a lot, you are most likely in love with them.

In the realm of love, there are several types of it. The most common one is romantic love. There is a difference between love and lust. A person who is deeply infatuated with a man may feel a sense of deep desire for his lover, while someone who loves a woman who is more emotionally distant can be infatuated with a woman who loves her lover. And the most extreme form of this kind of love is not a true relationship.
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