How to Know If You’re in Love With Someone

Love is a complex topic and one that people have many opinions about. While the majority of people agree that loving someone means feeling affection for them, how each person defines and experiences it varies widely. Love can be used to describe relationships with human beings, non-human animals, or even abstract principles like freedom or religion. This diversity of uses and definitions makes it hard to consistently define and understand love.

There are various theories about what love is, but the most common one involves a triangular structure consisting of intimacy, passion, and commitment. Intimacy includes trust, closeness, and security, while passion refers to an intense attraction and lust. Commitment refers to the desire for a long-term relationship and the ability to envision a future with a romantic interest. According to Sternberg’s theory, when all three components are present in a relationship, true love develops.

While it’s trite to say that you know you’re in love when that person takes up major real estate in your thoughts, scientists have proven that this is indeed a sign of romance. A brain area associated with focus and craving is activated when we think about our loved ones. Research also shows that when you love someone, your body produces dopamine, which gives you a rush when you think about them.

If you want to show your love for someone, try getting to know them better. This is the best way to bond over shared interests and to learn what’s important to them. For instance, you can ask about their goals and dreams or how they want to live their lives. Moreover, you can share your own passions and see how they respond.