How to Write a Movie Review Essay

A movie is a video presentation that tells a story. It usually consists of a newsreel, short subject and a cartoon, followed by the main feature, known as a feature film. The purpose of the film is to entertain the audience, and the elements that make a movie successful include acting, story and writing. The plot should be believable, and characters should seem real to the viewer. Other important considerations are the director and cinematography.

The description should give a general idea of the plot, but not so much that the reader will get lost. The description should inform the readers about what they will see, but it also provides an opportunity for the writer to share his or her experience of the film. For example, the writer might mention the concrete scenes that stand out in the mind of the viewer and the emotions or thoughts that they awakened in him or her.

This is where the essay analyzes and evaluates the movie. This section can be quite lengthy and includes discussion of the film’s creative elements. For instance, the writer might talk about how the filmmaker used costumes, lighting, colors and camera movement to convey a theme. This part of the essay might also explore why a particular shot was used or why the director chose to use a closeup instead of a wide shot.

Generally, this is the most important section of the essay. The writer should deliver a critical interpretation of the film and support it with examples from the movie. For example, the writer might write about how a particular scene reflected a theme or how a particular line of dialogue was especially effective.