Writing a Movie Review

A movie is a film that can be watched in a theater or on your television. You may also see a movie on your laptop or tablet. It is important to take notes while watching a movie so you can refer back to them when writing your review. This helps you write an insightful and thoughtful article about the movie. You should analyze all aspects of the movie such as acting, directing, cinematography, and soundtracks. This will help you understand what makes the movie so great.

For the first few decades of movies, most were a single shot that captured an event or action. Around the turn of the century, filmmakers began stringing several shots together to tell a story. These new types of movies created a more immersive experience and gave audiences the feeling that they were actually present at the scene in the movie.

Some film techniques add depth and realism to the movie such as camera movements (turning away from or around) and angles (see canted framing). In addition, film often uses the concept of time to create different emotional responses.

Some films are political in nature and try to engage in a conversation about current events or issues. These are referred to as social dramas or political thrillers. Other films try to evoke a certain mood or emotion in the audience such as sadness, happiness, fear or anger. Some movies are based on true stories of historical or biblical figures and these are referred to as biopics.