What Makes a Movie?


A movie is a sequence of still images displayed on a screen in such rapid succession as to give the illusion of continuous motion. Movies are often dramatic and can be entertaining for the audience. They can also make a statement about society, culture or government. Movies are usually categorized by genre. Adventure movies, for example, are about heroes who fight large creatures or monsters. Dramas are about people in troubled situations. Documentaries are nonfiction movies that show real-life events. They may have a serious message about politics or human rights, or they might tell a compelling story that captures the audience’s interest.

One of the most important aspects of a movie is its ability to touch the emotions of the audience. A movie with a lot of emotion will appeal to a wide range of people, including both children and adults. Movies like Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Coco have been lauded for their ability to tug at the heart strings of the audience. Other movies that have had an emotional impact include Schindler’s List, The Godfather and Black Swan. The best movies are well written, so the story can grab the audience’s attention and keep them guessing what will happen next. The script is the blueprint that every other aspect of the movie will use to create an immersive experience for the audience. The actors’ performances and the cinematography also contribute to the success of a movie. Some movies, such as the Blair Witch Project, are so well-written that they become a cult hit.