What is a Song?


A song is a musical composition with vocals that is performed at distinct and fixed pitches (melodies) and uses patterns of sound and silence. These characteristics distinguish it from free-flowing improvisation. Songs may also contain lyrics that tell a story or are used to describe or reflect upon events, emotions, people, places and things.

Songwriters often say that inspiration for a song can come from almost anywhere: a poem, a book or novel, another song, an event or memory, nature, a city or town, the street, a cafe, a restaurant or just watching people. Many of these ideas are then worked on and crafted into the song that is written.

The songwriter usually writes the lyrics first and then decides on the chord progression and melody. This is a very creative and exciting time for the songwriter. Some of the more well known artists work on their songs for months or even years before releasing them to the public.

Once the songwriter is satisfied that they have a completed song, they can ask someone to listen to it and give them honest feedback. It is very important for a songwriter to get this critique because it can help them hone their skills and create better songs in the future.

A song may be categorized by the genre in which it was written, or by its composer, label or artist. It is recommended that the article for a song only be tagged in one category at a time (except where this is an obvious mistake, or it would harm the integrity of the wiki). For articles on cover versions/renditions, see WP:CATEGORY.