What is a Song?


A song is a musical composition that consists of words and music, often accompanied by an instrument or other instrumental accompaniment. It is usually performed by one or more people and can be recorded on tape or radio airplay.

The word song comes from the Old English sang, meaning “words.” Several types of songs exist. Some of the most common include ballads, rock songs and country songs.


A Song is a musical composition that is made up of words and music, generally with the intent of the lyrics being sung in order to produce a proportionate feeling or emotion based on a topic or subject matter. The song can be sung or whistled (a form of vocalization), or it may be accompanied by an instrument such as a violin, harp, or accordion.

It is important that the song has a structure, which includes a verse and chorus. A verse is a group of lines that are repeated throughout the song. The chorus is the section of the song that entails singing with the words and is also repeated.

The lyrics of a song should give the listener a clear idea of what is happening. The lyrics of a song can be very simple, or they can be very complex and involve many elements.

In addition to the words of a song, it is very important that the music of a song is well crafted. The music should be interesting and engaging to the audience. It should also create a feeling of harmony and balance to the song.