What Is a Song?


A song is a musical composition that includes a melody, words and music. It can be performed by a single singer, or by multiple singers in harmony, and can be accompanied by instruments.

Songs are not just about melodies and lyrics, but also the context in which they are created, experienced, preserved and listened to. They can be poetic and highly emotional, and they may even re-evaluate the human condition. They can be simple and universally understood, or they can be complex and involve long periods of time and thought for listeners to ponder.

The word song is often used to refer to any piece of music, whether or not it has words or lyrics. However, a song is a specific genre of music, characterized by its unique structure and form.

A song usually has a number of distinct sections, including the verses, choruses and bridge. The verses and pre-choruses typically contain the most important lyrics and are repeated several times, while the chorus is a big payoff section where the main vocal melody is played repeatedly. The bridge is also a chance for the musicians to make a creative transition and may include different chords or lyrics than the other sections.

A well-crafted song utilizes all of these elements to create a memorable, moving musical experience for the listener. Use the time you spend listening to music to develop a heightened understanding of these common components, and learn how the musicians in your favorite songs work with them to tell their stories.