The Mysterious Emotion of Love

Love is one of the most mysterious and powerful emotions. It can make us feel like we’re on top of the world, and it can also bring us down to earth. Scientists, psychologists and every other field of study have tried to understand the phenomenon, but it’s just not something that can be pinned down or defined.

Love can be many different things: it could be the love for a pet, or the love for a family member, or even the love that some people have for their jobs. It’s a very complicated emotion, and it is impossible to pin down what exactly is meant by the word “love.”

When you love someone, you’re always looking at them with a smile on your face. You can’t help but think about them all the time, and you’re always yearning to spend more time with them. This is a result of a chemical reaction in your brain, explains Match’s chief scientific advisor. The ventral tegmental area of the brain releases dopamine when you think about the person you love. This can cause a dry mouth, butterflies in your stomach and weak knees.

But what happens if that feeling doesn’t last? What if you wake up some morning and don’t feel all that mushy-gushy in love with your partner? Well, don’t worry — that’s totally normal. In fact, that’s how true love works. It grows and changes, and it mellows over time.