How to Write a Movie Analysis


A movie is a series of pictures shown on a screen with sound to tell a story. It can be fictional, like stories in books or magazines, or nonfictional. There are many different kinds of movies, and some are more popular than others. A movie can be about history, science, or people. There are also comedies, dramas, and tragedies. People often watch movies to laugh or cry. They also watch them to learn about something or get information. A movie can be made by one person with a camera, or by hundreds of actors and technicians. It can be a short film with just a few lines of dialogue, or a multimillion-dollar epic.

A film analysis (or film critique) is an objective description and evaluation of a movie. The reviewer tries to describe why the film is good or bad, and gives reasons for his or her opinion. The writer of a movie critique can also talk about creative elements in the film, such as the setting, costume design, and music.

When you analyze a movie, it is important to make notes as you watch it. Then you can go back and look at those notes to see if you understand the movie well enough to write about it. If you don’t understand part of the movie, re-watch it until you do. Also, note what other things you like about it. For example, you might like how the music fits with the action, or how the actors act in their roles.