Compare Movie Posters and Photos


Compare Movie Posters and Photos

A movie, also known as a movie trailer, video movie or short video, is an artistic creation designed to simulate various aspects of life through the utilisation of moving pictures. The term “moviette” comes from the French term for moving pictures and can therefore be viewed as a synonym for film. In the modern era the term has come to refer to any form of digital video or film that is created by a movie director or produces suggestive images intended to promote a certain product.

The term movie is typically used in order to describe a film project and is usually used within the industry to categorise and separate projects such as television shows, music videos and movies into two terms: pre-production and post-production. The process of producing a movie involves the idea and planning stage, where initial ideas are exchanged between the director and writer/producers; the setting up of locations, props and equipment and the complex infrastructure of the film itself. Once these stages have been completed, the writing of the script is carried out by a team of people who go on to add more characters, location and dialogue and to ensure that all aspects of the film are seamlessly connected. Whilst the directors of the movie may spend several years working on the script, shooting the film and perfecting its cinematography, the principal actors and crew are often just in place on set, waiting to receive their pay and to receive their share of the profits made from the movie. There are also some production companies that operate on a fee basis, solely for the purpose of filming specific films.

Once the idea, plot and story have been established, the movie is moved into pre-production. This phase of production requires immense planning and organization, from coordinating the filming schedule with casting and crew scheduling, to determining the types of camera and other equipment needed, to ensuring that post-production procedures are followed to the letter. One of the most important aspects of the process is the decision to purchase the necessary film stock. There are a number of different types of stock that can be used in post-production:

Feature Film Stock – The term ‘Feature film stock’ refers to material that is required to produce a feature film. Typically, studios will use this kind of stock when making a Hollywood feature film. However, the term is sometimes used when discussing an independent film or a low budget film. In these cases, the film stock is not generally considered to be part of the main feature, but may have some role to play in the following sequence of events.

TV Show Stock – In terms of television, the term movie is often used in place of the term TV show. In a situation where a series needs to be produced, a network or production company will seek out entertainment or TV show writer to create the series. In most situations, the writer is hired for a one-episode test episode before the full season is ordered. The concept of the TV show or film is what is referred to as the “script” and the director and producers will work to complete the film or TV show using the appropriate writing structure.

Movie Trailer – Movie trailers are a great way for potential viewers to get a feel for a movie. For example, a movie shown at the movie theater is going to have a trailer. The same is true of movies being shown on a TV network or online. Generally speaking, a movie vs. film comparison is generally more useful than one that focuses on the terms movie or TV show alone.