What is a Movie?

A movie is a long-running video of moving graphics and pictures that tells a story. It usually comes on a DVD or is seen in a theater. It is different than a video, which is usually just short clips or images that you can watch on the Internet or on your computer.

A movie can be about something that happened in real life, or it can be fiction. There are many types of movies: comedy, adventure, drama, horror, and documentaries. Often these movies are about relationships between people, such as love or work, or they can be about historical events. Some movies have a simple plot, and others are very complex.

Movies can have many creative elements, such as music, lighting, and color. It is important to think about these when analyzing a movie. Also, you can talk about how the actors speak their lines, or what the camera is doing.

In a movie, the actors say words out loud while a person takes pictures of them with a camera called a film camera. Then you can play these back later to see what the actors look like. Then you can edit the film to change it.

A movie is a piece of art that you can enjoy with your family or friends. Some movies are very famous and get lots of money, such as the Star Wars series or The Godfather. But there are also independent or art movies that have a more creative story, or sad endings, and they do not make as much money. These movies may become popular ‘underground’ (by word of mouth).