Types of Songs


A song is a musical work that combines melody and lyrics. A song can be simple, such as a single verse and a refrain, or more complex with multiple verses and choruses. A song is also a composition that has a meter or beat. Music and lyrics are protected by copyright as separate works, although they can be combined. A song can be a combination of the author’s own words and melody or someone else’s words and music. The melody and the lyrics must be ‘fixed’ in a certain way, such as being written down or recorded, to qualify for copyright protection.

A chorus is the repeated section of a song that grabs the listener’s attention and seems to stick in their head. It can have a catchy rhythm or vocal melody or simply powerful lyrics that connect with the listener. Choruses can be short or long and usually have an even number of bars, although there are many exceptions to this rule.

There are many different kinds of songs, from popular songs to art songs to Broadway musicals. Some types of songs are based on traditional folk music, while others have a modern style. For example, blues music is a genre of song that combines African American religious hymns with country music and rock and pop songs. Art songs are performed by classical artists and require strong vocal technique and diction. They use poetry for the lyrics and are often accompanied by a piano or another instrument.