How to Write a Movie Review


A movie is a series of images that create a story and are shown on a screen with sound. Movies have different genres and many people like to watch movies that they find interesting. Some people like to watch movies that are considered classics and others want to watch the latest releases. Movies are considered to be a form of art and many critics study the technical aspects of movies to determine how well they work.

A review of a movie should include the title, the release date and names of important actors and directors. It should also discuss the plot of the movie. The plot should be analyzed in detail to see how it works and to identify any parts that don’t make sense.

The director of a movie has his or her own unique style and vision for the film. Often this is evident in the way the film is shot, edited and paced. If the director’s vision is not clear or is sloppy, it can make the movie seem disjointed and lacking in purpose. For example, Sir Alfred Hitchcock used suspense to craft his thriller classic “Psycho.” His vision is clearly evident in the film’s direction.

Creative elements can make or break a movie, which is why filmmakers go out of their way to incorporate them into their movies. These elements could be costume, makeup, lighting, colors, camera movements or sound effects. A reviewer should analyze these elements and state how they contribute to the movie’s overall message. For example, a good sound effect can enrich the viewing experience while a bad one can destroy it completely.